No, this is not a match-making program, it’s a personal development program. By participating in The DATEready program you will build your dating confidence, knowledge and courage and this will increase your chances of attracting and connecting with your ideal, perfect partner.

No. Although I am a registered psychologist, this program offers general advice & education only and is not a replacement for therapy. I recommend you click here if you need a psychologist for immediate assistance.

Good question! As a psychologist registered with AHPRA (Psychology Board of Australia) I am not permitted to publish testimonials. If you have questions about the experience of previous participants, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to share some anecdotes.

As soon as you sign up! There is no waiting around with DATEready as I know you are ready to go NOW. You will gain instant access to our secure site with your own unique login details.

You will receive emails each week to keep you on track and access to a new module every 2nd week. Each module offers a series of lessons for you to work through at your own pace over the fortnight.

Credit cards are the only method of processing payments at this time. A payment plan is available if you would prefer to spread the cost. Please note that if you select to pay via payment plan, payments must be kept up to date to continue access in the program. If your automatic payment fails on 3 occasions you will be excluded from the program until the outstanding payment is received.

No worries! The DATEready Project membership site is very straight-forward and you can always click on the ‘support’ button if you get stuck.

I understand that you are busy. I recommend allocating around 3 hours per week to work on your DATEready activities and projects. The best way to manage this is to allocate your time at the start of each week so you can prioritise your DATEready tasks just like any other important project.

You can contact Mel’s Team at and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.